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Type D in Studio B6 of Broadcasting House

Cubicle B6

A general view of the desk with the studio beyond. The modifications which were underway in the photos on the previouse page are completed here with the Telephone Balance Unit just to the right of the central section and limiters on the left of the central upstand. The speakers were LS3/7s.

Cubicle B6

Looking in the other direction, not sure of the equipment code of the grams (possibly RP2/9) but the turntables were Technics SP10s. Studer tape machines, two A80s and two B62s. There should be two Studer A710 cassette recorders but one is missing.

Studio B6

A view of the studio, with a D202 rigged above the table and a 4038 on the boom in the background.

B6 in 1980

B6 was often used for grams shows and here the 'cast' of a late-night jazz programme gather in the cubicle. Producer Keith Stewart and presenter Peter Clayton are with studio managers Elizabeth Lewis and Robin Cherry. Below are Peter in the studio, viewed through the double glazed windows, and Robin at the panel.

B6 in 1980
B6 in 1980

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