Cue Grams

The RP2/1

An RP2/1 in the cubicle of 1A, early 1960s. A two turntable unit, the RP2/1 was again built around the Garrard 301 turntable, this time with the 78 rpm speed available. A Tannoy Variluctance head with a turnover cartridge was fitted, tracking at 5 to 7 grams. If the turntable speed and selected stylus were not correctly matched the three speed indicator lights along the back would flash. The stylus selection also set the correct equalisation. The quick start function was similar to the DRD/5's but used a motor to raise and drop the turntable instead of being purely mechanical. Again, there was an optical groove location system.

RP2/1 closeup
The close-up shows the location display at the back left, then come the three speed indicators and finally the 'fader open' light. The drum at the far right raised and lowered the arm. The drop start key is behind the wooden block handrest. The turntable plate had perforations around it's circumference which, with the neon lamp, acted as a strobe for speed setting, the control for which is at the front centre of the 301.

RP2/1 with slip-mat
In later years presentation styles required faster starts than the drop start method could achieve, and the use of slip-mats became common. The turntable plate was lowered and rotating, the disc held stationary by the mat as can be seen in the final photo.