Cue Grams

The RP2/9, by John Shaw

In the late 1980s when broadcasting was beginning to go digital, I was able to acquire these two BBC Disc Reproducers. These lovely twin turntable units started life in Bush House in the Strand, then home of the World Service.

They were in very poor condition on arrival and it was obvious that they had many studio miles on the clock!

Each console comprises of -

2 x Technics SP-10 MkIIP/RP2/9 BBC modified turntables

2 x Technics SH-10 EP control power supply units.

Each panel amplifier fitted to the front hinge down flap was a type PA3/5/179 and offered many output functons, filters and routing options.

The decks were fitted with the BBC design MP1/18 tone arm with Ortofon OM moving magnet Pro cartridges. The turntables had selectable speeds of 33, 45 & 78rpm with variable pitch controls mounted on the upper plinth unit.

Extensive broadcast pre-amps, EQ circuits, balanced line outputs and line output faders terminated with XLR connections on the rear of the cabinet.

Groove optical indicators were fitted, but proved to be quite tricky to set up in conjunction with the very challenging turntable suspension system.

As both these units were modular in design, servicing and lining up was quite straightforward with the aid of a good torch and pair of glasses!

The cabinet, recycled from the RP2/1, measured 96cm wide, 67cm deep and 102cm high. The overall weight was a hefty 85 Kilos.

After many hours of loving restoration - they both reproduced sweetly!

The BBC MP1/18 tone arm was designed for use with RP2/9 and RP2/10 which used the Technics SP-10 Mk2 turntable.

It complements the turntable performance in regard to rejection of spurious v.l.f interference.

It was used with other disc reproducers using the Technics SP-10 Mk2 turntable in either BBC or standard commercial form. (Typical users would of been local radio and dubbing theatres.)


Total length: 330mm, Effective length: 248mm, Mounting distance: 232.6mm, Overhang: 15.4mm, Offset angle: 21.3 degrees, Stylus pressure: 1.5 to 6.5g adjustable.